Flash Dryers

Cage Mill Flash Dryers

Product Details:
  • Power: 70-135kW
  • Surface treatment: Painted
  • Capacity: 1000 to 5000 kg/hr
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic
  • Max Temperature: 500 Degree C

We are the leading manufacturer of Cage Mill Flash Dryers and our product is made of good quality.

Product Experience in Flash Dryers

KaolinMercapto Benzo Thaizole (MBT)
AgrochemMetal Stearates
Sodium SulphateFluorospar
Cobalt HydroxideAceto Acet Anilide
Soya FlourChina Clay
Vinyl SulphoneDicalcium Phosphate
StarchGreen Pigment
FibreCPC Blue
GlutenHerbal Extracts
Precipitated Calcium CarbonateZinc Sulphate
Dextrose AnhydrousFood Colours
Azo PigmentsMMG Blue White Cake
Humic AcidFerrous Sulphate
Styropor BeadsZinc Salt
Salicylic AcidPolymethyl Methacrylate Polymer
ASCBleaching Earth

Flash Dryer

Product Details:
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Material: Mild Steel.Aluminium
  • Capacity: 25000 to 75000 kg/hr
  • Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic
  • Max Temperature: 450 degree C

Flash Dryers are used for drying wet cakes, crystals or granular products. These are long ducts carrying air at a high velocity and the material is dried while it is pneumatically conveyed along with hot air.

  • Continuous operation and single step drying of free-flowing powders, crystals
  • Unique feeding devices for taking care of uneven feed moisture
  • Less floor space
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