Rotary Dryers

Direct Rotary Dryers

Product Details:
  • Material: Mild steel
  • surface treatment: Painted
  • Capacity: 3 ton per Hour
  • Max Temperature: 1400 deg C

Direct Rotary Dryer comprises of a rotating inclined shell through which a hot stream of air flows. The wet material present in the rotary shell is lifted by means of spiral flights and showered in hot flowing air. Due to this direct contact, the product is dried. Rotary Dryers are available with co-current or counter current air flow patterns depending on the properties of individual products to be dried. The internals are designed to ensure uniform distribution over the entire cross section. The entire shell is supported on rollers and rotated by means of tyre and girth gear or by means of a friction drive. Sealing arrangement is also provided so as to have a minimum air leakage and product loss.

  • Ideally suited for large capacity application and uneven particle size distribution
  • Continuous operation and versatile application
  • Low operating maintenance cost
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